TVS X21 Concept Racer [Delhi Motor Show 2016]

The aim was to design the next generation of TVS Apache 200. From the recently unveiled Apache 200 4V, we wanted to keep specific elements from the original design language and transform the current roadster to a Concept Racer as the forceable future of the Apache Brand. Air cooled engine, it was making sense to translate it in a Half Fairing version, this was the main direction. It was as well directly inspired from the Apache RTR 180 One Make Races from TVS RACING. It had to be a mix between the RTR DNA of those race bikes and the new design language of the new Apache 200 4V. TVS Apache 200 based X21 semi-faired one-make racer concept is powered by a 212 cc, 4 valve race-tuned high revolution 03C engine.

My full dedicated project at TVS MOTOR.
Management from A to Z of the TVS X21 Concept Bike.
-Directions - Analysis - First ideation sketches - Design research - Concept stages [5 phases] - Design development - Sketches, Renders, Sketches, Renders, Sketches, Renders......Plenty...
-Business plan - Budget - Built of Material - Planning - Components search - 
-Full Clay model 1/1 scale [3 phases]
-Follow up of FRP
-Design and Creation of technical components as such; Race Specs clip-ons [Aluminum mill], Steering Damper brackets, Creation of Steering Damper geometry and dynamics, technical views and sketches, follow up on the Pro-E CAD, design and creation of Race Specs adjustable foot pegs [Aluminum mill], Main part being a chassis/foot peg support, all designed in 2D views on Illustrator with proper technical dimensions and technical drawings directly imported in Pro-E for engineering and development...
Many other brackets, grilles, chassis plates designed in 2D, laser cut and bended, all design, geometry and fixture of the two vertical oil radiators, prototyped and developed accordingly with the same process of 2D sketches laser cut and bend of different ticknesses of metal...
-Design and Creation of the original double canister exhaust - Safety [working] tail light inspired from the race - All front assembly details, windscreen, windscreen bracket, dashboard/IP design, front air intake, fuel tank cap etc....
-Follow up on diverse CAD or Alias surfacing modeling for detailed components for FDM, Rapid prototyping, milling etc...
-Prototypes and evaluation
-Constant decision making
-Graphics - Color Scheme - Creation of stickers, decoration and graphics...
Well, it has been my 200% involvement with the help of few people from the great power of the TVS's R&D.
And I will tell more about the project soon... As well as sharing more pictures that I have taken during Delhi Auto Expo 2016.

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