Modern Chariot Race

Rebirth of the ancient Chariot Race Quad, dirt bike, side car... Is it enough thrill to enjoy? While those motorsports are quite compact,maneuverable with a good handling as the propulsion is never so far from the steering, moreover the human is always seeting on the engine, I thought that it would be very fun to create something directly inspired from the past... Imagine if your powertrain was in front of you only... that you could be almost separated from it, and you could power [with drive by wire] the left or the right of your traction....??? What do you think? I personally think that it could be a lot of fun to have the least control of your machine, that you could constantly drift and counter steer on the earth and mud.. Ok, it is pretty old design, but the idea was something... Obviously there are still some mistakes in term of design and thinking..

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