Fabien ROUGEMONT is a French Motorcycle and Transportation Designer actually based in INDIA.
Ex BOXER DESIGN's lead designer [FRANCE,Toulouse], he was then one of the fourth Pioneer of DSK ISD [India's first International School of DESIGN] [Pune] being Manager of Motorcycle and Light Mobility Design Studios and later on Head of Transportation Design Studies.
Later, Fabien was Senior Motorcycle Designer, managing Advanced Design Projects at TVS MOTOR [INDIA, Bengaluru].
Today, Fabien is Head of Advanced Design & Trend Research at HERO MOTOCORP [INDIA, Jaipur].

Having joined ISD [Institut Superieur de Design - FRANCE] in 2000 after four years of A-Level in Applied Arts in Paris, Fabien ROUGEMONT successfully completed the five-year course with distinction; he is now ISD France graduated with a Master in Automotive and Transportation Design Degree.

After his diploma in 2005, Fabien directly joined BOXER DESIGN in Toulouse [South of France] as automotive and motorcycle head designer.
There, he designed 5 full vehicles; 3 motorcycles, 1 scooter and 1 small car. 
The BOXER SSR [one Super-Sport motorcycle along with its Roadster version] and the SCORPA Raidster [Name given by Fabien only]. Later he has designed an electric car presented at the International Paris Automotive Show [September 2008]. And an electric Scooter, designed and developed for Boxer Design and then the project has been bought by PEUGEOT Motorcycles to be developed and launched to take a good place on the electrical 2 wheelers market under the name of PEUGEOT "e-Vivacity".

Moreover, Fabien also worked successfully for many worldwide brands like Honda [Main client with many design of motorcycle upgrades, limited editions...], Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Scorpa, Voxan in motorcycle design and many more like Peugeot automobiles, Eurocopter, Zodiac, Shark Helmets etc.

In August 2008, Fabien ROUGEMONT has decided to leave his beloved position and works in BOXER DESIGN to go for a new challenge.
What an amazing new challenge to create and start from scratch [with 3colleagues only] the FIRST and NEW International School of Design in INDIA, DSK ISD. After 6 years, Fabien has been a pillar for ISD India.

In DSK ISD, Fabien ROUGEMONT was managing the Motorcycle Design Projects and the Light Mobility Design Studios, that he had created himself, but has been as well 2 years heading the TRANSPORTATION DESIGN Department of the school. Despite the huge workload of the start [creation of the core values of the school, creation of exercises, methodologies, lectures, projects, masterclasses, plannings etc...] Fabien had a mission to build from scratch the entire workshop of DSK ISD. The industrial workshop of DSK ISD is today probably the biggest school's workshop in India equipped with the best tools and machineries from European standards.
Beside, Fabien was in charge of the Cintiq, sketch, drawing and rendering courses and was the supervisor for the prototyping and advanced clay modeling. 

Another very great achievement, Fabien along with a team of few design students [Riten GOGIYA, Vinit GOGRI, Mario MASCARENHAS, Akshay BIYANI, Akshay PARDESHI] have been announced winners for the 2013 REDDOT DESIGN AWARD, in the CONCEPT CATEGORY.

From September 2014 to September 2016, Fabien was working as Senior Motorcycle Designer at TVS MOTOR managing ADVANCED DESIGN Projects. 
At the DELHI MOTOR Show in January 2016, Fabien unveiled the "TVS X21 Concept Racer" [a concept study to evolve the Apache Brand and the latest 200 4v as a proper One Make Cup Motorcycle, full RaceSpecs loaded , celebrating the 33 Years of TVS RACING..] was finding youngsters and fanatic Indian riders, vibrating about that new advanced concept bike for new generations. That was Fabien's biggest and complete project at TVS MOTOR.

From October 2016 till date, Fabien is now Head of Advanced Design & Trend Research at HERO MOTOCORP.

SPECIALTIES: Motorcycle design expertise, Exterior car design, Car styling, Clay Modeling expertise, Design management, Project management, 2D skills and visualizations, Sketch/Rendering, 3D surfaces and concept technical volume on Alias, 3D visualization, Ideation concepts and Research phase, Design Strategy, Market Analysis, Development, Prototyping, Design education and training, Photography, Visual communication, Architecture, Product Design...

Motorcycle & Motorsports Passionate

Enthusiast Rider, Motorcycle Racing passion, Road Racing, Off Roading, Touring, or chilling in a more moderate 2 wheeler or scooter! ;-)

LOVE for the origins, minimal, functional, pure, raw, combination of materials and many more... How to take it further in a proper manner!? >><< ;-)

Two restored beauties out of four, of my own collection. There is a kind of a 1942 Girder Fork and rigid rear trilogy still under build, BSA M20, Norton H16 [here we go] and a Triumph 3HW still in pieces... 

Also a Matchless G80 is still under go.

Norton H16 - 1942

BSA M20 - 1942

Other than that, THERE IS ROAD RACING!!!;-)





Pit Bike Race Track @ MALAGA [SPAIN]

Race Track @ ALMERIA [SPAIN]

Race Track @ ALMERIA [SPAIN]

Race Track @ ALMERIA [SPAIN]

Dedicated for passion, work for passion

Freak about all those things! Especially one of them is always bouncing back!;-)
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