PEUGEOT 20Cup [Frankfurt Motor Show 2005]

PEUGEOT 20Cup Participation on the project PEUGEOT 20Cup. At this time PEUGEOT asked us, BOXER DESIGN, to take part in the restyling ot their old prototype "ASPHALTE" from 1996. The French car manufacturer, required particularly our dedication to deal with the back part of their future concept car as it would be technically designed with a specific and strong swing arm directly inspired from a motorcycle, our main expertise. Th2 20Cup had to be more technical looking than the Asphalte. The aim was to design this sporty concept car with 3 or 4 wheels. The swing had the possibility to receive one or two wheels on the back. More technical than anything else, we obvioulsy needed to add style into it and propose to PEUGEOT many relevant ideas. It was always a good experience to learn and hear the feedbacks and guidances from PEUGEOT in term of car design.

Design from 2005

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