Redster ERA011 - MO2OR Contest
Design from August 2011
I designed this motorbike according to the given brief and dream specifications from MO2OR and thinking about the new trends from the social and motorbike market, I have decided to go for the Superbike. We had the choice between a Cafe Racer, a Street Bike or a Superbike.
Even if the street bikes, or Cafe Racers are a real trend and even if the superbike market is slightly going down in Europe, even more in France, due to the hard speed limit restrictions, anyway there is still a real target of passionate  riders who like the race world, who like being on such motorcycle!

If it's not allowed to ride fast on roads, the sportive rider really likes to be on such a "racing beast" or to compete [regarding the look] with the most beautiful amazing great brands like Ducati, Aprilia, BMW, KTM or some other Japanese motorbikes less costly but as well stylish and competitive too.

If it's on racing track, for sure the motorbike must have the minimum required specifications from a normal bike. But, as MO2OR already specified some good features from their crowd sourced motorbike website, I tried to design the bike following exactly their required dreams specifications [for the superbike; full adjustable upside down fork, rear mono shock absorber, under seat exhaust, 1000cc, 4 stroke injected straight four, single seat....]
As the people who likes the race, I designed this motorcycle with a strong inspiration from the MotoGP, regarding some proportions.

I wanted to make something special as BMW or KTM would do, and I tried to find an interesting way to break up with the most traditional dynamism from those SuperSports we know, playing also with different textures for the fairings,adding some visual weight on the front of the bike with structural lightness on the back.

There is also an additional concept on this motorcycle, for some fanatics who likes to grind their knees sliders on the asphalt of the race way, you can even grind the sliders of the fairings if you like! ;) As a protection of the bike for sure, but, I wanted this kind of "flaps" calculated on the perfect maximum lean angle of the motorbike, to have a kind of guidance in case the rider would be afraid to do not no the limit of the bike.
The front is treated with a frontal circular air intake as a raw "tailpipe", but for the front, like furtive fighter planes, surrounded with some modern and technological L.E.D.
The head fork is slightly separated from the lower front fairing making the bike lighter and even more aggressive and furtive, and for the backside, the tail is going up and here is the exhaust which is a bit separated from the end tail, going a bit more horizontal and "out of the box" adding a kind a retro-design style to the bike, homage to this incredible and impulsive DUCATI 900 MHE which I just love!!

Afterward, I guess that the specs are speaking for me on the final render of this SuperBike.
I called this DreamBike "Redster ERA 011" .

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