Gypsy revival - A full experience

Design from September 2011
5 months for realization

My Gypsy’s story – Did I change the Gypsy’s spirit in the Indian minds?
I purchased the "famous" Maruti Suzuki GYPSY in 2009 to experience the crazy landscapes of India, to go in extreme off road, where I cannot go with my Royal Enfield Machismo 500, more so during the monsoon season!

After 2 years, only 15 000 Kms done [For sure I still ride more my motorbikes..], my Gypsy has been a bit badly treated at times... I was enjoying rallies more than the normal roads! I climbed over several hills, I toppled the Gypsy once [crazy memory!!] after a mad off road-rally session, just arriving to the destination, a long last corner in full drift, from mud to asphalt the Gypsy got back its grip....And suddenly we felt the car lifting up on two wheels, even with full counter steering it was impossible to get it back on all its wheels.. This whole time the entire left side had really been damaged.
Another time, the right side of the Gypsy had been smashed by a bus in Pune...
Also one crazy guy lost control of his motorbike [they were 3 people on it], coming towards me suddenly in the wrong way, I managed to stop the Gypsy, but he ultimately crashed into the front of my car... One of the worst experiences in India... This day I've been a bit beaten by some local people, that was definitely not a pleasure, moreover when you are notresponsible for it at all... There were about 20 people surrounding my Gypsy, I had to come out of the car to catch one of the guy who punched me and I shook him very hard to calm the situation down!! Mad!! Incredible India as they say!!! :-)

My Gypsy has been greatly damaged, so I decided to restore it last September [2011], and also made certain that I would make some modifications, especially reinforcing the B pillar of the car, for a stronger look, keeping the original and simple design language of the Gypsy. I wanted to make a special interior for the Gypsy too.

When I went to meet someone at the Maruti Suzuki showroom, I had to explain to them what I really wanted to do. On hearing this, they were very open to making it happen, but the only thing they told me was that it would take them 25 days to make it... I said, “Very cool! That's nice!!” I asked them, “are you sure!? Maybe one month and a half would be more reasonable...!?” They said, “no only one month!!” :-)
Ok.... Finally it took them 5 full months and a half to complete it! :-)

Very nicely done, but a bit too long.... I've spent a lot of time making visits between the Suzuki showroom and the cushion maker’s workshop to see and manage the work, helping them, guiding, cutting cardboards, making sketches, mock-ups for them to understand... Moreover for the cushionmaker to create the front seats...
The big blunder/joke that turned up at the end [when the soft top and the front seats were finally done!] was when I told the cushion maker to make his design for the rear seats.... I certainly wanted to get rid of this after 5 months.... When I saw the rear seats done.... I told him while laughing a lot, “Hey come on dude!!! My car is a SUZUKI!!!!! It’s not a HONDA!!!!!! What is this logo everywhere, seriously!!!!!???” HAhahahah!!!
What a joke!!!

Anyway, few details, but the work is really nicely done!!
Quite happy!
Thanks a lot to MARUTI SUZUKI showroom [Ace Kudale Car -Pune] for the unusual realization!!

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