Here is some cool work from the last December 2020, and especially during Christmas time, Christmas gift, Christmas work!!

What a pleasure giving some design input to Brian Wisman @wisdesigner and his original electrified Light-Fighter!!! @lightfighterracing

And nothing would have been possible also with Nick @claymoto_design who introduced me to Brian and to the project.

When Nick also got me into an insane and sudden thrill to get a VR set (just before Christmas’s eve) and join him into his new virtual world!!! He was already starting to build the 3D model with his Oculus Headset!!

Since then we've been connecting with Nick, in his ClayMoto virtual studio|Co-Creation room, working on the 3D model in a VR mode on Gravity Sketch!!
Incredible software and endless possibilities!

It was bit difficult for me to pull out some extra free time from the daily workload... But we’ve done some very cool sessions many late evenings or during some week-ends, threating it as Saturday night fever virtual parties! 

And Nick was always going ON & ON like a virtual machine grabbing elements, dots, lines, volumes and always proposing and making some crazy cool ideas!!!

The @claymoto_design Chief is now turning into a 3D modeling concept master!!;)
Well it’s a lot of fun working together!!;)
Quite tough working together between the UK, GERMANY and the USA, but probably much more possible with today’s technology!! Awesome, meet all 3 in a room around the motorbike, while seating in 3 different part of the world! 

Thanks a lot to Brian again for this incredible opportunity to work with him on his brain-child and awesome concept of the Light-Fighter!!

You can read Light-Fighter’s stories through:
Www.lightfighter-racing.com and some "behind the scene tales" from Brian.

THE LIGHTFIGHTER is a one-off electric racing motorcycle designed and built by Brian Wismann and Ely Schless, and raced many times by Troy Siahaan, test rider, racer and motorcycle journalist @motrizzle (www.Motorcycle.com), who wrote again another great article on the LightFighter on Motorcycle.com. @motorcycle_com, check out the "The LIGHT-FIGHTER Electric Superbike is back and BETTER THAN EVER!"

I’m very delighted to be some design contribution to the project!!

Let’s rock the Light-Fighter rocket!!!
Scribles du jour Bonjour!!:-)
Some 3/4 ideations
Tail winglets and tank details
The 3/4 sketch which became a key-sketch to a clean side view to the final design! Funnily, the side view didn't make it first, but this one did!!;-)
Nick Made some quick 3D model of the fairing from that 3/4 key sketch and I was again fourth and back to my photoshop building the final design, doing and redoing hours and hours, tuning volumes, lines, dynamic, proportions, stance, refining...and having some fun playing with some colors!
Then refining the 3D model in VR with Nick, sketching in 4D!;-)
Later, having learnt everything from Nick in VR Gravity Sketch, I was re-building my own tank!;-)

If you want to learn and become an expert in Gravity Sketch follow and enquire Nick on Insta @Gravitysketchtraining , website: Grav.Design .
Some more pictures and visual to come sooner than later..
LF, Light-Fighter to be continued..

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