YAMAHA R6 PAOLO - Jerez​​​​​​​ 

Our Spanish Friend Paolo also motorcycle freak, always on track and also as creative was making beautiful painting jobs for us.

Owning a R6 he also wanted to have his personalized one to stand out of the lot, and here we were gone again! Being a bunch a crazy riders, we wanted to keep a similar scheme for all of our bikes.

Paolo made incredible paint job!!!! Awesome mate!!!:-)
But Paolo as crazy as he was, was keeping re-painting his bike. In about a year or so, he managed to redo about 4 complete different paints, doing his 3 other different graphics.
Final Version of the graphics.
Original pictures.
Cleaning up and removing the extra stuffs.
Some different proposals.
Final Side view Graphics.
Original 3/4 view picture.
Fixing 3/4 view to final side graphic design.
Final 3/4 view of the graphic design.
Real bikes in actions.

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