TRIUMPH 3HW - Next Gen
As an owner of some beautiful old ladies like Norton H16, BSA M20, all from 1942, all rigid chassis and girder forks, the one to yet complete my trilogy (the bike is still in parts) is the Triumph 3HW military model. 
For the sake of that previous Triumph 3HW that I was thinking about last month, in between thousands of things, I was seatings sometimes and sketching what could be that next generation of that old emotional Triumph!!! Trying to capture what could be that Triumph 3HW Elements in an imaginary electrified low cruiser! Well, this is just a quick one free hand sketch, no underlay at all, just throwing a few ideas on that wall! I hope you’d like it!!;) cheers! If feels good to throw something else out of the daily routines!!

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