I have bought the KTM RC 390 in India about a year ago to enjoy Indian roads as well as Indian Race Tracks.
Already having quite a few motorcycles, the KTM RC 390 was good compromise "Ready to Race"/Price. The super-bikes being so costly in India, almost twice the price, most of the time, than the original European prices.
Also, as per Indian road conditions, I felt that the KTM RC 390 is more than enough over here! Good revving engine for such displacement, stiff tubular chassis, good components like fork, shock absorbers from WP, Light weight, also good looking little bike in addition to very good race ergonomics [for such tiny and compact bike].
Well, I wanted the RC rather than the Duke, because I am too much "Race Fanatic" to take over the Duke!!;-) 
The KTM RC 390 is for me the most "Race Specs" bike under 500cc engine in India.
SO paying only 2,54,000 Indian Rupees [equivalent to approx. 3,350 Euros], it is worth the money, and I could also spend little bit more money to tune up that little Racer.
Then as I always custom or love to modify my motorcycles as per my taste and the trends of the market, I decided to make that special version of RC for myself, but also to know a bit more about the Indian crowd rider fanatics!!
So it is always a good opportunity to get feedback from Indian customers/Riders, about what I am doing. And it is most of the time some kind of "Wow effect" when people come around my bikes. 
Having been on a few Indian tracks, and obviously when I am roaming around, I can promise you that our young motorcycle enthusiasts do appreciate to look at the bike and question about the modifications and things.
It always goes on good social talks!;-)
Here you go, juts few pics of the original RC, some quick graphic modifications, then garage, removing, dismantling, putting back stuffs, struggling, removing again, changing things, cutting vinyles stickers as per my vector files created on Ai etc....
Modifications and Design I have done:
-Creation of vector graphics, as well as all the stickers
-Pose of the "Carbon Vinyle" on the Head fork [with hot air gun, pain in the aaaaa......!!!], wind screen as well as side panels, trying to give again a lighter look to the RC, following the design lines of the original RC language and graphics... And always keeping in mind the original RC CUP RaceSpecs.
-Add ons of few technical components, made of billet aluminum mill, like oil brake fluid caps, engine oil cap, special short and adjustable clutch lever, aluminum gear sprocket cover...
-Install of original RC CUP AKRAPOVIC Exhaust, worth INR 70,000 [equivalent of 1000 Euros], [Been struggling like anything to remove the original exhaust...]
-K&N direct Air filter + K&N cleaning products [INR 15,000]
-Race Dynamics ECU [INR 15,000], to remap the engine accordingly with the racing exhaust and direct air flow filter.
And this is it I guess!!!:-)
Recently, I had the privilege to be Racing/Riding on the famous Indian Motorcycle Race Track in Chennai, the MMSC [Madras Motor Sports Club]. It was a lovely day! So much enjoy I had racing on that sharp KTM RC!!! 
Many thanks to the Photographers who have been shooting me on the Track!! Thanks to PRAVEEN JAYAKARAN and MUGIL KMV, Mugil PHOTOGRAPHY.
I just authorized myself to do little bit of editing on those pictures, as per light and colors, depth and framing sometimes... 
Otherwise, those shots were already beautifully taken and very sharp!! And we know that it is not easy to take properly fast subject with low shutter speed to keep the good "speed painting" effect!!;-)
Well done photographers!!!:-)
Now, God Speed!!!!!;-)
KTM RC 390 [Original]
Final Version of my RC CUP Speciale

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