Design from 2004
More than a car, JANUA is a mobility system which allows interactions with the different transportation systems.
This service inspires itself from an analysis of "MobilEasy", from the Book "There Will Be The Era Of The Light Things" developed and based on Sustainable Design theme written by Thierry KAZAZIAN.
The brief we've been given at this time by Thierry KAZAZIAN was just and only  "Effective Mobility".
As a thesis project, we, my teammates [Guillaume BECOURT and Benjamin LOUIS] and I had to design a service of transportation more than a car.
Actually, after analysis and exploration of what could be the "effective Mobility", we concluded that efficient and sustainable transportation was not only one mode of transportation, but several types combined together. This is what we tried to achieve here.
Not only a train, the metro or the bus, because those could be already part of the B or C point/destination to reach.
Before this, there would be the car from A to B obviously, but again, how to be at the most effective and sustainable mobility driving a car...? It is all about optimizations of the mobility..
JANUA was always in direct relationship with all the different modes of transportation, such as all the public and common modes of transports but also:
-Easy access to car-sharing, with a 2 only or 2+1 seater,
-Hybrid engine,
-Wheel-base leasing
-JANUA is more than a car, it is one car, plus one integrated LMS [Light Mobility System, or personal Mobility], plus a permanent access to leasing vehicles for an adaptability pushed at its maximum,
-With your personal JANUA badge, or a smart phone, the user is permanently linked with the other systems,
-Many services of optimizations, as display of the best journey/itinerary according to the real-time and in-live information about the road/rail traffic updates,
-Direct link with all the public car parks etc...
-Configuration of the preferences and settings through computer or other personal devices,
-For a better safety the car communicates itself with the other users on road, through special tail lamps, back or side information directly displayed on the DLO...
And many more ideas were integrated in the design of this car.
I am very proud as my team mate Guillaume BECOURT, designer at VISTEON is one of the actors of the last concept car C-Beyond, where many of those concepts were integrated to this one.
Presented and displayed quite a lot of time by my friend Guillaume, JANUA has been sparks into automotive and interaction design between, user/machine/ and links between other modes of transportation.
JANUA is for me, still today, a huge story in my design experience in transportation/car design.
And here it is only a preview of the car, I don't show here the interior design, the animated user scenario and the rest... Which is in the very old folders, somewhere...
This project was designed in 2004 for the year of 2012.

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