TRIUMPH Daytona - New Gen
Some lost summer June sketches, full free hand sketch on the tablet, no underlay, that’s why maybe the 3/4 is little too much exaggerated!!;) 😝but this is was after doing that Triumph 3HW sketches I was inspired by the Triumph Moto 2, and the possible way of that new Triumph Daytona 765 well expected to the world!!! This sketch was full inspired by this Daytona character, stance, and DNA, for the sake of that Daytona that I had once the first generation of it, and was always feeling having like a 900cc in between the legs, with length of the four, torque of the twin, according to me, that 3 cylinders is some kind of perfect combination and it is have been proven right away in WSBK, form the first years of the Daytona races! And now owning the Moto 2 scene!!
Here was some really quick ideation in some electrified way, that’s why there is no exhaust, which is also good in some ways, and some missing details here and there, also the handle bar sketch got faded into the top few strokes of airbrush! 
Just enjoyed those few!;)
Hope you enjoy seeing them too!:) To the Daytona force!;)
Fuck I need to get another one!;) 😝

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